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durum whole wheat pasta


Sabatelli Gastronomia introduced a brand of whole wheat pasta made exclusively from an ancient local type of variety of wheat (Senatore Cappelli) stone milled according to the true Mediterranean tradition. The flours currently used to prepare the so-called whole wheat pasta and bread products, are actually refined flours where the added bran is a by-product obtained during the modern wheat milling process. This flour is not even remotely as rich as that which is obtained with the traditional stone milling method, that might be considered the real whole wheat flour!The stone milling method, in fact, does not separate the starch of the grain from its fibres as the modern cylinder milling does. When starch remains attached to the grain's fibres it is more slowly digested reducing the elevation of glucose in the blood, so preserving our health.Moreover, the stone milling method, with a lower milling temperature, reduces flour warming respecting the integrity of vitamins and unsaturated fats contained in the wheat germ. And more, our pasta is dried at low temperature for 50 hours, as the natural sun drying was!Whole wheat is rich in starch, proteins, vitamins B, E, minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorous, zinc and selenium. Many of these important elements are contained in the auter skin of the grain, then lost during the refining process!For these reasons it is sure that whole wheat is better, but only if it's not rehydrated!